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“We’re Dressing People With Culture” “We’re Dressing People With Culture”

Peroni Firenze X Sartoria Napoletana Bordeaux Half Toscano Cigar Case


  • Material: 100% Calfskin Leather
  • Color: Bordeaux
  • Brand: Peroni Firenze X Sartoria Napoletana
  • Handmade in Florence Italy
  • Suitable for 5 Half Toscano or 5 Toscanello Cigars

EP 220


The origins of the artisanal factory Fratelli Peroni date back to 1956 when Peroni brothers, Piero and Roberto, founded their fur and leathergoods workshop in Florence. Today the third generation of Peroni, Maurizio and Marco, is carrying on the tradition of high quality leather workcraft, preserving their professionality and manual ability, adding at the same time creativity and innovation.
The “F.lli Peroni” is a real artisanal factory, where the owners take part in the production daily too, teaching the secrets of this ancient art to their staff of artisans.

Products elevate emotionally the possessors: the artisanal and Renaissance-born “cuoio artistico fiorentino” traditional work, passed down from one generation to another, is immediately perceived.
The factory uses high quality raw materials, like the vegetable tanned calf leather. Fashion accessories, such as wallets, business card holders, coin cases, and also furnishing, bags and briefcases are some production examples.
The main inspiration source is Florentine artistic heritage, specifically some details of the works of art in the museums. Antiquity models are reimagined in the modern-day, in order never to fail the lasting union between the item function and beauty.