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“We’re Dressing People With Culture” “We’re Dressing People With Culture”



Like any piece of art, a bespoke suit requires a long time to be made and everything must be done with the utmost attention to detail. From steam ironing stitch by stitch, to finishing with care the lapels and their roundness. The quilting of thin layers of canvas, the precise and harmonious cut of pattern and fabric, nothing is superficially achieved. Like a puzzle where all the pieces fit together perfectly, lines, squares and stitches fall to recompose the design of the garment keeping in mind that every client has his own custom pattern, therefore nothing is ever the same or ever repeats itself.

The process of choosing the right fabric is firstly by expressing one’s requests and tastes, but most importantly by “feeling” the fabric with by hand, while listening to our specialist describe with precision and punctuality the hidden virtues and values of the garment. Only this way can one come into contact with what will be a second skin. And if with ready-to-wear suits, the choice is limited and almost obligatory, at SARTORIA NAPOLETANA you will find thousands of high quality fabrics for suits of all kind. Breathable fabrics, soft, silky to the touch, resistant over time, from classic textures to the most particular. All natural fibres you’ll soon realise you won’t regret choosing.

We have chosen and selected only the best fabrics in the Italian, English and Irish market as guarantee of quality. The world of fabric in men’s clothing is called drapery and no other word can better describe the wonderful image of the display of these fabrics. They present themselves in large cuts, carefully folded and placed throughout the wood closet, lighting up the scene of the Bespoke room.